Visas for conversation assistants

The conversation assistant (auxiliares de conversación) performs a vital function as a «cultural ambassador», being a native speaker, recent graduate or final year university student. Their work focuses on strengthening students’ oral skills, collaborating closely with the teacher in teaching the language.

auxiliares de conversación

Spain actively promotes the exchange of assistants both inside and outside the country, facilitating the teaching of Spanish abroad and receiving numerous conversation assistants. The distribution of these auxiliaries in schools is carried out by the autonomous communities according to their own criteria.

However, it is natural that numerous questions arise among conversation assistants (auxiliares de conversación) who arrive in Spain:

  • What is the process to obtain my visa?
  • Can I stay in the country during the summer?
  • How can I renew my stay?
  • Is there a possibility of changing my status for a work visa?
  • And what options do I have if I want to obtain a nomadic visa?

These and many other questions may arise during your stay as a conversation assistant in Spain. If you require information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. At Tarragona Legal, we are committed to providing support to conversation assistants in Spain.

Visa for conversation assistantsVisas for conversation assistants – Visas para auxiliares de conversación